Information Request


Thank you for your interest in Sherwood Childcare. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with some details about your child and yourself.

Child's Information


Mother's (Parent 1) Information

Father's (Parent 2) Information


I/we (the parents) confirm that the information provided is correct to my/our best knowledge. I/we understand that information provided to Sherwood Childcare (the centre) will be used by the centre to understand my/our needs before my/our visit.

If my/our child is eventually enrolled into the centre, information provided will be used to process my/our child's registration. At that time, supplementary information may be provided to complete the process.

Upon submitting the information, a staff from the centre will contact me/us via either the mobile number or the email address provided to arrange a centre visit when a position is available for my/our child's age group.


Thank you for providing the information. Our staff will contact you when a position is available for your child's age group.

For the time being, please feel free to visit our web site at to know more about our centre. You are also welcome to contact us at 67761888 should you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing you soon.