Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum planning is based on the Thematic Project Based Approach.  To further enhance your children's learning and to expose them to modern technology, we work in collaboration with Town4Kids to provide Multimedia Learning to the children. In addition, you have the option to further enhance your child's learning experience with our carefully selected enrichment classes.

Programme Highlights

  • Bilingual Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Science Discovery
  • Music & Movement
  • Phonics
  • Multimedia Learning
  • Fun With Cookery
  • Kinesthetic & Aesthetic Development
  • Computational Thinking

Learning and Playing at Sherwood

Our Partners

Core Curriculum

The award-winning Sherwood Multimedia Programme is incorporated in our Curriculum.  The programme is built to support and be integrated into a well-balanced, broad-based core curriculum.  

Our Centre is fully equipped with interactive technologies to incorporate this multimedia programme.  Multimedia lessons and activities are specially developed to appeal to children's natural curiosity and interests.  Important skills and concepts such as literacy, numeracy, music and art are integrated and are taught in a fun and engaging ways.  

In this era where computers and the internet are a ubiquitous part of every workplace, school and household, we feel it is very important to expose children to this new media technology early so they are as familiar as possible with it, giving them an edge over others.


Physical Development

Once a week, all our N1, N2, K1, and K2 children get to stretch, jump, hop, and balance in our centre's music room. Led by Bazgym sports teacher, these exercises help children build their confidence while providing all-round physical development, sound bone growth, and strength. Children watch the teacher's demonstration and perform the exercises with aid. They are trained to take instruction in a fun environment, which is a form of discipline that trains our children to work together with others, a skill that will be very useful to them throughout their lives.


ThinkerStar+ DramaPhonics will excite your child's imagination and teach them advanced English vocabulary and concepts, all while they have the best fun of their lives! Their teachers, who have decades of experience with Julia Gabriel, will help your child develop clarity and proficiency in English while encouraging their creativity and self-expression via a stimulating, lively, and interactive adventure in DramaLand each week.  Our Chinese Speech and Drama programme is provided by an independent contractor. Her entertaining and lively sessions are looked forward to by our students every week. In her classes, students are immersed in Chinese language and culture, from music to stories to games. Children will gain not only technical proficiency, but also practical fluency in usage, equipping them to do well in both the academic and social spheres.


With our new Creative Art programme, your child will be creating their own works of art! The programme by Little Bosses Co. creates a solid grounding in art, from simple shapes and colours, all the way up to combining them to create more complex designs as they advance. Your child's imagination and creativity will be stimulated while their motor skills will be given the tools needed to reproduce the images they dream up.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

Math is made easy with the Enrichment Hub's iBrainMath Program, designed to give your child an early, solid foundation in mathematics. The programme uses 2 unique sets of 'secrets' and a series of flashcards to stimulate the right brain, strengthening your child's memory and enhancing their culculation abilities. The skills they learn will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives, giving them an advantage over their classmates. With the interesting and fast-paced classes, your child will be challenged and kept engaged!


Jules Venture

Jules Ventures Private Limited brings a truly revolutionary approach to education, tackling headon some of the most critical questions for education in the future. ● Have we taught our children how to think, rather than what to think? ● Are schools teaching what’s relevant for the future? ● What kind of skills would be needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution? ● Are we teaching children using the best principles from early-childhood psychology and neuroscience? ● Are there any preconceived notions constraining us from providing the best for our children? Jules assembled a team of expert Early Childhood Educators, Game Designers and Technologists to tackle these problems head-on by designing a unique solution.


We're always looking for vendors to provide our children with the best opportunities available, exposing them to different fields and giving them skills they may draw upon later in life.