Computational Thinking at Sherwood!

Computational Thinking is not only educationally meaningful for children or students but a life skill for citizens living in an age of technology and automation. Singapore’s Smart Nation vision aims to “harness technology to the fullest with the aim of improving the lives of citizens, creating more opportunities, and building stronger communities” - Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, the Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation initiative

Computational Thinking can be introduced to even children of pre-school age. From a very young age, kids can be exposed to computing concepts through kinaesthetic activities or playing with specially designed toys and robots individually or with their peers, under the guidance of teachers and parents. The opportunity to learn CT at a young age can help them develop a more logical mindset and communicate their thoughts in a more structured manner. What we need is age-appropriate tools, toys and gadgets together with pedagogies to introduce CT to children at different ages. - Professor Looi Chee Kit National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

Sherwood deploys our Computational Thinking program using "School of Fish", under the license of Jules Ventures Pte Ltd - a Singapore based company that designed and implemented Computational Thinking educational programme on Mobile technology.