Welcome to Sherwood Childcare!

Sherwood Childcare was a preschool registered with the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). We are certified under the Singapore Preschool Accreditation Framework (SPARK).

After over 30 years of pioneering early childhood education, we are taking a break to recharge and prepare a more exciting environment for your children to learn and grow with us.

information on this site records what we had provided for your children through our innovation and operational excellence.

Here at Sherwood, we strive to provide a balanced curriculum for all our pre-school age groups. We try to develop each and every child's physical, emotional, social skills and moral values while nuturing their intelligence and creativity at the same time.

With us, your children experience both active and incidental learning. These activities build the scaffolding for each child's learning both now and in the future. They can be either teacher or child initiated, and our teachers and children learn and grow together each day.

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About Sherwood Childcare

Established in 1980, Sherwood Childcare has earned a name for being a pioneer in the early childhood industry.

Sherwood Childcare was built to cater to the busy parents working at JTC's bustling high-tech industry in Ayer Rajah. Today, she caters not only to these parents' needs, but also to those of the parents from surrounding neighbourhoods such as Clementi, Dover, and Bouna Vista, just to name a few.

Sherwood Childcare's unique campus provides ample light, fresh air, and a luxurious outdoor space seldom seen in Singapore's childcare centres. She also boasts loyal and passionate staff, some of whom have been with her for up to a decade. For them as for your child, Sherwood Childcare is their home away from home.

Our Vision

For every child to explore and fulfill their greatest potential in their unique ways, and grow into healthy, creative, inquisitive, and virtuous adults with a passion for learning

Our Mission

To provide quality early education and develop your child's potential and self-esteem as well as moral character, by encouraging creativity and love for learning in a safe, healthy, disciplined and vibrant environment

Our Philosophy

Early education gives a child a good headstart. We believe in providing an active learning environment with a healthy lifestyle, while staying relevant in curriculum development and inculcating moral values via daily routines, so as to give children the best headstart possible.

We believe that the formative ages of 0 to 6 are especially crucial. We are committed to developing children to their fullest potential, by providing a conducive, healthy environment that encourages creativity and a love for learning.

Our Core Values (LIFE)

The start of :

-         LEARNING

·        To have a lifelong love for learning


·        To encourage independence in both thinking and daily life

-         FAMILY

·        To create an inclusive, respectful, and loving Sherwood family

-         EMPATHY

·        To show compassion and conduct oneself honourably at all times

Learning and Playing at Sherwood

Spacious like few other childcare centres in Singapore, Sherwood affords a natural, non air-conditioned environment to grow up in. Her children play in a large field that is part of the campus, growing up knowing what it is to run freely, an opportunity too few Singaporean children receive.

Complementing this healthy lifestyle is a menu carefully selected with your child's health in mind, as well as many educational field trips to supplement their learning. The curriculum is supported by multimedia and active, hands-on learning.

All this is made available to your child at a relatively low rate, making Sherwood one of the most value-for-money childcare centres in the area.

Here are highlights of some learning activities that we designed for our children:

Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking is a problem analysis and solving skill. Our K2 children pick up the skill by going through a structured curicullum on the treacher's console as well as on their personal tablet.


All our children participate in gardening activities. We aimed to develop our children's love in Nature through their involvement in maintaining a green environment

Annual K2 Camp

We organise a fun and exciting camp ifor our K2 children each year. Our children go for outing, preparing their own food and learn a new skill during this two days' camp.